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USA Water Polo and Coaches Aid

USA Water Polo partnered with Coaches AId have a unique opportunity to produce some of the content at the 2014 FINA Women's Intercontinental qualification for Network TV.  To help USA Water Polo get some of this expense back, all games are being run as Pay Per View.  Your best value for viewing the 2014 FINA Women's Intercontinental Qualification is to purchase a 30 day access package to Coaches AId by clicking HERE

By purchasing an access package for $24.95, you will be able to view all 24 games of the 2014 FINA Women's Intercontinental Qualification Live and On Demand after the event, in addition you can view more than 4000 videos on the Coaches Aid site including the 2013 Water Polo Champions Cup and the 2013 Rocktober event.

Purchase your package early to make sure you do not miss a minute of any game.

$24.95 Access Package

article updated on 05/19/14 19:06

Buckeye Brad on 05/30/14 11:05 PM said:
The USA v Canada game was an "Instant Classic"!!
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