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How to Purchase Videos

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The CoachesAid.com Network broadcasts events across the country live and then makes those broadcasts available to watch in three different ways:

1) Live Streams (watch in real-time)

2) On-Demand
(watch recorded version of event)

3) DVDs sent to your door
(purchase from DVD Store)

Purchasing Instructions


Step 1 - Register as a CoachesAid.com member and login
If you are not already a registered user of the site, please do so by clicking here (takes 1 minute).

Step 2 - Selecting a Video to Purchase
Once registered and logged in, you now have two ways to purchase items on CoachesAid.com (Access Package or A la Carte).

Buy an All-Access Package (from $9.95) - All-Access Packages allow for unlimited access to all live and on-demand video on CoachesAid.com for a period of time. If you purchase an All-Access Package, you will see "Watch" buttons next to each video on the site. You can choose to purchase 24-hours ($9.95), a month ($49.95), 90 days ($89.95) or a year ($149.95) of All-Access. From time-to-time we also have specialty packages tied to certain events. Click Here to view and buy packages.

Buy Individual Videos as a 24-hour rental - There is also the option to buy Live Streams and/or On-Demand one at a time. Simply click the "Buy" button next to the event you want to watch and make payment via Google Wallet. Once purchase is complete you will see a "Watch" button next to the item you purchased. (24-hour access on rentals only applies to On-Demand videos. Live streams are viewable as they happen live). 

Step 3 - Buying with Google Wallet
After clicking the "Buy" button associated with the All-Access Package or Individual Video you are purchasing, you will continue through Google Checkout.

License Key
Once you have paid via Google Checkout you will arrive at a page with your license key (see image at right). Click the link "Click here to retrieve your purchase." You will then be taken back to CoachesAid.com where you will see a License Key box with your key inserted. Simply click "Submit" button and you have completed your purchase.

Please turn off your pop-up blocker or "allow" pop-ups on this page in order that a new page can open upon clicking the "Retrieve your purchase" link that will return you to CoachesAid.com where you can complete your purchase.

Step 4 - Watch your PPV event
Once you've completed your purchase, you can watch the video you purchased.

FOR LIVE EVENTS - Just return to the site when the live video is set to being and click the "Watch" button next to it (you may be prompted to enter your license key if you did not do it in the step above).

FOR ON-DEMAND EVENTS - Your video will begin airing immediately upon clicking the "Submit" button in Step 3. And for the remainder of your purchased access time (24 hours for individually purchased items and up to 1-year for All-Access Package purchases) you can navigate to the video and watch it as many times as you want. 

**On-Demand Products availability - On-Demand videos are generally available anywhere from 1-2 weeks after the event has been broadcasted live or filmed by CoachesAid.com's ASBN staff. If we were at your event broadcasting live, check back within that time frame to see On-Demand recordings of the event.

article updated on 02/18/13 00:25

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